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Spiritual Awakening Radio explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West: Gnostic Gospels, Lost Books of the Bible, God, meditation, out-of-body or near-death experiences (OOBE's & NDE's, Inner Light and Sound, Inner Space,), the Path of the Masters (weekly Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts on Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation, Radhasoami, Surat Shabd Yoga,), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

Dec 2, 2021

With meditation, the goal of the saints, mystics and masters goes far beyond stress or anxiety reduction. Being centered and calm are the foundation or launching pad for the exploration of Inner Space, the Realms of the Spirit, the Kingdom of the Heavens Within. For some this might mean gaining a subtle awareness of inner seeing and hearing. For others it might be the beginning of a consciously induced near-death experience, soul travel into New Worlds of Light, Love, and the Divine Music of the Spheres.