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Spiritual Awakening Radio explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West: Gnostic Gospels, Lost Books of the Bible, God, meditation, out-of-body or near-death experiences (OOBE's & NDE's, Inner Light and Sound, Inner Space,), the Path of the Masters (weekly Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts on Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation, Radhasoami, Surat Shabd Yoga,), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

Mar 21, 2023

Today we explore: A History of Simran Practice in the Sant Tradition (Path of the Masters, Panch Naam, Also the Five Names of the Sethian Gnostics), The Many Names of the One Nameless God (Anami Purush);


SIMRAN: Why Sant Mat Masters Teach That Repeating Simran Words (Mantras, Manas Jap) Is Best Done Mentally -- A Mental Chant Done "With the Tongue of Thought", by Swami Vyasanand Baba;


Readings from the Mystic Poetry of Guru Kabir, Sant Dadu Dayal, and Sant Namdev;


The True Spirit of Simran Practice is Love (Bhakti);


Readings from, The Light of Ajaib: Why Don't You Do Simran?


Readings from, The Light of Ajaib: Focus at the Eye Center, and Do Simran Constantly; 


"Remember the Supreme Father and repeat His Holy Name as often as you can day and night, whether it be for only a minute or two at a time, and then you will secure greater help and assistance from above." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, Pilgrim's Path -- RADHASOAMI, Excerpts from Letters To Initiates);


In Divine Love (Bhakti), Light, and Sound, At the Feet of the Masters, Radhaswami,

James Bean

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