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Spiritual Awakening Radio explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West: Gnostic Gospels, Lost Books of the Bible, God, meditation, out-of-body or near-death experiences (OOBE's & NDE's, Inner Light and Sound, Inner Space,), the Path of the Masters (weekly Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts on Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation, Radhasoami, Surat Shabd Yoga,), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

Apr 21, 2022

Today our exploration of the Mandaean Gnostic Scriptures consists of three readings from the Great Treasure, also known as the Ginza Rabba, the primary holy book of Eastern Gnosticism. We begin with the story of a soul that finds itself dwelling in a rather anxiety-inducing dark realm and seeks to be liberated from this place before it gets absorbed into that darkness and the soul loses it's Luminescence or Radiance like the other souls that reside here. Then a Light appears in the darkness and communicates a peaceful Divine Message from Above to the soul about it's life-to-come in the world and it's eventual ascension back to it's True Home, the Place of the Light and Life. Our soul is instructed to: "Endure in the world and dwell therein until We are longing for you. When We are longing for you We will reach out and come here to you. We will reach out and come here to you, and We will bring you out and raise you to your Treasure-House (Heavenly Realm)." In the next reading, "The Soul Within Me Yearns For Hayyi (Great Life, Great Spirit, Supreme Being)", we marvel at an all-too-familiar Gnostic cosmology of Heavenly Regions. There is the Earth-realm or material plane followed by Seven Inner Levels or Heavens, and the Plane of Truth that is beyond. The true yearning soul must not be fooled into assuming any of those illusory middle regions to be the Highest of Heavens and True Destination, and thus deceived, detained and prevented from ascending all the way up to The Eighth, the Goal, Ultimate Reality, the Real Home of The Great Life, Hayyi Rabbi, a Mandaic Aramaic sacred name for the True God. The Path of the Masters (Living Gnosis Now, Sant Mat) also has a cosmology of eight Inner Regions with The Eighth, Anami Radhasoami ("Ra-dha-swam-i"), representing the Ultimate Reality where the Beloved Lord of Love resides. This Gnostic Satsang or spiritual gathering online (Spiritual Awakening Radio podcast) concludes with some thoughts about "Sant Mat and Cousin Schools of Mysticism of the Ages": Neoplatonism, Pythagoreanism, Jewish Mysticism or Kabbalah, Hermetic Philosophy, Christian Mysticism, Gnosticism, Sufism, and how Sufism, perhaps with some influence of Manichaeanism, likely served as the major West-East conduit for this otherworldly approach to spirituality to reach India.

"From the day when I came to love the Life [God], from the day when my heart came to love the Truth, I no longer have trust in anything in the world… After my soul alone I go searching about, which to me is worth generations and worlds. I went and found my soul  --  What are to me all the worlds? I went and found Truth, as she stands at the outer rim of the worlds." (Ginza Rabba, Mandaean Gnostic Scriptures)

All for the Love of Wisdom and Radio, In Divine Love, Light and Sound, Peace Be To You,
James Bean
Spiritual Awakening Radio