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Apr 25, 2023

Kabir Says: "Just as a coded document shows the way to a hidden treasure, just so this Bijak shows the way to realize the soul. It teaches such instructive words to the soul, but there is seldom anyone to understand them." (Sakhi of Kabir)


Commentary by Dr. Jagessar Das: "Bijak means a coded document that leads to a hidden treasure. In this Bijak, Guru Kabir explains the path to that hidden treasure that is within, and not visible by the objective senses. He teaches everyone to give up cleverness and argumentation, and become humble and accept the Divine Lord dwelling within."


The term "Bijak" means treasure or treasure-map, in this case the treasure map of Guru Kabir. "Bij" means: the seed or essence. "Bijak" means treasure. The Bijak of Kabir is intended to be a treasure-map to the essence of reality: our soul and God.


In India the Bijak is the most popular sacred text containing the teachings of Guru Kabir, and as such is the main scripture for those who follow the Path of Kabir. Today we explore, "The Complete Bijak Of Kabir -- Guru Kabir's Mystical Teachings on God-Realization", by Dr. Jagessar Das, translating into English and commenting on the entire Bijak of Kabir. This is an impressive work, a true, grassroots "satsang template" of traditional Sant Mat, wonderful to have, featuring all eleven sections of the Bijak in one volume: the Ramainis, Shabdas, Sakhis, and other lesser-known sections.


"The Bijak tells of a treasure,

a treasure that doesn't show.

The word tells of a creature.

Only rare ones know." (Kabir)


From the Principals of Kabir Published in the Earlier Ahmad Shah Translation of, The Bijak: 

"To believe in One Avagat, Satya Purush [One God]. His bhakti [devotion, love] should be practiced.

Have faith in the Master and in his teaching.

True Sadhus should be served.

Show mercy and love towards all Jivas [souls].

To abstain from all kinds of meats.

No visible object in this world should be worshiped.

Do not tell lies.

Do not steal.

Do not gamble.

Do not curse any one.

Repeat Satya Nam.

Practice bhakti of Satya Purush [God] and teach about him.

Hindu, Muslim and any other sect can join Kabir’s religion.

Without the knowledge of Sar Shabd [the True Sound], no one can attain jiva mukti (liberation, salvation).

Abuse, deceit and jealousy are enemies of jiva mukti.

Humility is a great virtue.

Give thanks for the gift of the Sat Guru.

Without true love of God the practice of bhakti is fruitless.

To read the Sat Guru’s words is a great virtue.

One should know the Supreme Spirit."


In Divine Love (Bhakti), Light, and Sound, At the Feet of the Masters, Radhaswami,

James Bean

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