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Spiritual Awakening Radio explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West: Gnostic Gospels, Lost Books of the Bible, God, meditation, out-of-body or near-death experiences (OOBE's & NDE's, Inner Light and Sound, Inner Space,), the Path of the Masters (weekly Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts on Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation, Radhasoami, Surat Shabd Yoga,), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

Mar 30, 2022

When we close our physical eyes we see darkness inside but as we cross this void of darkness following the meditation practice of the Saints, there is Light. Beyond the silence there is Sound. Indeed, there are many Heavenly Lights, Visions within Visions, Sounds (Music of the Spheres), Mansion after Mansion, Level upon Level in this Inner Space or Kingdom of the Heavens. With the proper guidance of those competent qualified teachers (Sant Satgurus) who have explored Inner Space for themselves, we too can be mentored into cultivating our own successful spiritual practice and communion with the Beloved Lord of Love. Today, a Sant Mat Satsang Podcast featuring readings from the mystic poetry of Sant Namdev, Guru Kabir, Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, the Ginza Rabba and Canonical Prayer Book of the Mandaean Gnostics, and a bhajan of Baba Somanath. There are satsang discourses from Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh on living in the present moment, and spiritual satsang discourses of Baba Ram Singh Ji.

"Always live in the living present -- in the living moment... If you watch your present moment, then everything is all right." (Sant Kirpal Singh)

"Be within your body. Light the inner lamp that your within and without may sparkle with Radiance Divine. In it's brilliance let the shadow of your karmas fade." "The Naam helps you steer through this ocean of life and death." (Kabir)

"By doing Simran, we are able to reduce the burden of karmas." "The Simran that has been given to us is of a very high order. And where we do Simran, even that place gets purified. At that place, there are no bad influences. No mystical powers also work on you. Neither do the angels of death come and disturb you. Neither does Kal come. And neither does Maha Kal come." "So, therefore, we should listen to Satsang every day. And we should do our Bhajan Simran [meditation] every day. And this is what we have been given this precious life for." "So, it is incumbent for us to do that meditation and do it regularly. That is our true work." (Baba Ram Singh)

"Those who accept His teachings, and act upon them with love, gradually return to the purely spiritual Region under His guidance." (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh)

"O Protector of the lowly ones, most merciful Lord,
Self-Existent, Bestower of Light
Somanath has contemplated upon Your lotus feet.
Unceasingly, He will sing Your praises.
You free all the jiva-souls from the desires and afflictions of this world."
(Baba Somanath)

"She [the soul] is dazed on seeing the refulgence of the Beloved." "Whose soul is attached to the Word, revels ever in cosmic flight." (Sant Tulsi Sahib)